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The Plant Metabolic Network (PMN) provides a broad network of plant metabolic pathway databases that contain curated information from the literature and computational analyses about the genes, enzymes, compounds, reactions, and pathways involved in primary and secondary metabolism in plants.

The PMN is funded by the National Science Foundation (Grant #: 1026003 and 0640769), governed by an Editorial Board composed of internationally renowned scientists, and executed at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology.

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Plant Metabolic Pathway Databases

The PMN currently houses one multi-species reference database called PlantCyc and ten species/taxon-specific databases.

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PlantCyc [ More information ] [ Content Statistics ]

PlantCyc provides access to manually curated or reviewed information about shared and unique metabolic pathways present in over 350 plant species.

PMN Single-species/taxon Databases

The PMN also provides access to manually curated and/or and computationally predicted information about enzymes, pathways, and more for five different species and the Populus genus.

The PMN pathway databases were created using, and are powered by, the Pathway Tools software developed by Peter Karp and coworkers at SRI International.

External Plant Metabolic Databases

Several additional species-specific databases, generated by PMN collaborators, are maintained and hosted at external sites. Some of the data from these databases have been incorporated into PlantCyc. Please click on the links below to access those databases directly, and read our Release Notes to learn about the content from external databases included in PlantCyc.

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